Malaysia First One-Stop Banana Cultivation Service

Founded in 2003 with a simple mind and a passionate heart, Mr. Chin was inspired by his Taiwanese teacher to cultivate the Cavendish banana, so as to bring the fresh and aromatic banana to cater to our banana lovers.

Simple Farm Group has more than 20 years of experience to cultivate the Cavendish banana and also provide a one-stop banana cultivation services, including the tissue culture seedlings, contract farming, consulting and drone application services.

Throughout the years, we do not limit ourselves in just cultivating Cavendish banana, but also strive to expand our distribution channel, in order to cut out the middleman and protect the interest of our contract farmers and smallholders.


To be a socially conscious company, together advocate the chemical-free fruits and contribute towards the preservation of the natural environment.


We strive to offer our customers high-quality fresh fruits with a reasonable price in anywhere.

Our Business Coverage

  • Banana tissue culture seedlings
  • Banana (Cavendish) cultivation
  • Banana wholesale/trading
  • Banana consulting services

  • Wholesale/trading of tropical and non-tropical fruit
  • Fruit packaging services
  • Peel Banana
  • Pineapple Puree/Jam
  • Fruits Puree

  • Guava cultivation
  • Guava wholesale/trading
  • Guava Seedlings